What Do I Need to Practice Kendo?

All beginners only need training pants or shorts and a t-shirt plus their own shinai. The dojo has limited shinai to loan and they are on a first come first serve basis. Beginners should be ready to purchase their own shinai within the first month of training. Average cost for a shinai is between Rp300,000 and Rp500,000. JKA has shinai for purchase and sells them at a price reflecting the cost plus shipping and taxes. JKA does not overcharge for shinai but quantities are limited and orders infrequent. Therefore, when a notice to order shinai is made it is suggested that members confirm their order immediately.

Bogu Wearers
Within 6 months after starting your kendo training you should be considering the purchase of your first bogu set. Most beginners will be ready for bogu within 6 months, based on the recommendation of the sensei. Bogu is a very important element of kendo and you must have a set in order to progress. JKA does have a few sets of loaner bogu but because the number of sets are limited it is highly recommended that members purchase their own set, the sooner the better. The average set will cost approximately US$500, inclusive of shipping and taxes. Members should be aware that a bogu set can last up to 10 years or more with proper maintenance. Remember, the bogu is an investment.

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