The Kendo news so far....

posted Feb 7, 2011, 1:59 AM by Jakarta Kendo
Happy New Year to everyone. 2011, year of the Rabbit, anything else?

With so many holidays so close together, it's amazing we can keep up with the kendo schedule. However, with the work of so many behind the scenes let's see what is up and coming.

HK Invitational Taikai - We will be sending teams to compete from 19 - 20 March 2011. So far there looks to be 3 mens teams. An update about the women's team will be posted, if any. Grading will also take place in HK. The deadline for submission has passed so all those participating are reminded to practice kata. Please note that your exam answers MUST BE HAND WRITTEN and submitted to Marcel soon (date to be confirmed).

New Members - We have quite a large number of new members that have joined us since January. Newbies are reminded that they are required to join practice every Sunday. Absences will be noted and continued absence will result in those individuals being asked to join the next session.

That's it so far so keep looking to further updates.