Thank you Meguro-sensei and congratulations on the opening of your new dojo in Puncak

posted Nov 10, 2009, 10:15 PM by Jakarta Kendo
We recently had some very distinguished guests come visit us (6/7 November 2009) from Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and the USA and all that can be said is that this was a very rare opportunity that JKA members will not soon forget. Amongst the distinguished guests that visited the JJS dojo on Sunday, 7 November 2009, were:

Iizuka-sensei   8-dan
Mochizuki-sensei   8-dan
Takigawa-sensei   8-dan
Koyama-sensei   8-dan

Imanishi-sensei who made the very long trip from Seattle's Cascade Kendo Kai dojo
Tanimura-sensei from Thailand Kendo
And of course our good friends from Singapore Kendo - yeah, you know who you are

We also would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Meguro-sensei for the opening of his new dojo in Puncak, Kyudokan Dojo.

Thank you sensei for arranging this rare visit and opportunity for us and making last weekend (6/7 November 2009) a very fun filled Kendo weekend.