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posted Mar 16, 2010, 9:35 PM by Jakarta Kendo
Kishikawa-sensei has departed for Japan as of end February 2010. Sensei has been a great help to improving and developing kendo at JKA and he will be sorely missed. Those of you that had the good fortune to begin your training with sensei were very fortunate and his influence and teachings can be seen in many of our recent graduates to bogu. Thank you sensei for everything and we all look forward to you visiting JKA.

JKA together with Jakarta Kenyukai sent 2 teams to compete in the recent 2010 Hong Kong Open Taikai. It was quite the experience with members competing in the 3 and 5 man team tournaments. Congratulations to our sensei who competed in the men's 5 man team and getting 3rd place out of over 50 teams (I'm sure they will be targeting 1st next year). The 3 man team made improvements to previous attempts, finishing in the top 16 of 44 teams. The Hong Kong Taikai is an annual event and is open to all kendoka, if you think you may be interesting in competing next year, practice hard and save your coins now as it is well worth the experience. This year we were fortunate enough to meet and do keiko with several 8-dan sensei, including Inoue-sensei (coach for Japan's WKC Brazil Team) and Sumi-sensei. So, hope to see a few more of you able to go next time around.

Mitsubisihi Corporation will be sending representatives to Indonesia to visit Meguro-sensei's dojo and also make a visit to JKA. The JKA visit will be 21 March and all members are welcome to attend.