New Intake for 2010

posted Dec 28, 2009, 5:55 PM by Jakarta Kendo
If you are interested in learning kendo, please come to JJS (Jakarta Japan School) on January 10, 2010 to register.

Anyone is welcome to participate and get a chance to find out what kendo is all about.

Dojo address and starting times are on the main page.

Please try to consider just one thing if you decide to learn kendo - your time; we require that you come to the dojo every Sunday for the first 6 months minimum. If you feel that you are unable to commit regularly at this time, please consider to join when you have the time. Kendo requires a lot of commitment from the instructors and the students. It is unfair for sensei to be at the dojo and to have to continually repeat instruction because of students that do not show up and cannot make the commitment to train. It is also unfair to fellow students that come regularly. Sensei and fellow students are at the dojo voluntarily, on their own time...please consider this.