Local Grading

posted May 12, 2009, 8:44 PM by Jakarta Kendo   [ updated May 12, 2009, 9:27 PM ]
It's almost 6 months into 2009 and grading is coming up again. We will post the date of the grading soon, so start preparing.

Beginners - focus on nice big cuts.

New Bogu - if you are grading for ikkyu you need to know your kata (1 ~ 3). You are also required to show your understanding of kirikaeshi (how to cut and how to receive). Keiko requires that you show your understanding of how to hit an opponent (NOTES: Kamae, zanshin, maai, big cuts, seme, ki-ken-taiichi). If you are grading for shodan there is no difference except you may need to know kata 4 and 5 as well. Make sure you come to Sunday practice at 0900 for kata training with sensei.

Senior Bogu - if you are going for nidan, same as above for shodan but you may need to know kata 6 and 7. Remember, grading kendo isn't about winning, it's about beautiful kendo. So keep the cuts big and your kiai loud.