Keiko with Maritime Self-Defense Force on 2 and 3 Oct 2010 at JJS

posted Sep 23, 2010, 8:17 PM by Jakarta Kendo2
Selamat siang!
Di sini Tsuchiya dari Jakarta Kenyu-kai.
According to Japanese Embassy, Maritime Self-Defense Force of Japan visit Jakarta from 2 to 5 Oct.
Taking this opportunities, they would like to keiko with us.
There participants current numbers is as follows;
2 Oct (Sat) : 10 persons
3 Oct (Sun):  3 persons
Sari pan is not big, so  I'm sorry, but we'd like to change the Keiko venue from Sari Pan to JJS from 14:30 on 2 Oct.
Keiko on 3 Oct is as same as JJS from 9:00.
And this is good oppourunity for you to practice with them, so we hope so many members will join these keiko.