Jakarta Japan Matsuri 2009 - Japan Indonesia Kendo Championship

posted Sep 25, 2009, 5:47 AM by Fifi Afifa A   [ updated Sep 26, 2009, 5:54 AM ]

*From Mr.Tsuchiya - Jakarta Kenyukai. Event details (Tentative).

*Please contact your Sensei and/or Senior at Dojo for registration procedure & submit registration form by 2 October 2009 (Friday).

11th of October 2009 - Sunday, Jakarta Japanese School.

7:30, Time appointed for assembling (Staff)

8:00, Time appointed for assembling (Participants)

8:30, Opening Ceremony:

Welcome Speech

  • On behalf of Japanese side: Mr. Kishikawa, Chairman of Jakarta-Kenyukai
  • On behalf of Indonesian side:Mr. Yoris, Chairman of Bandung Kendo Federation (BKF)
  • Singing of the national anthem.Japan: Kimigayo, Indonesia: Indonesia Raya

8:45, Demonstration of Nipppon Kendo-kata

  • Uchitachi: Mr. Tsuchiya (5dan), Shitachi: Mr. Marcel (3dan)

8:55, Exemplary Keiko (7-dan sensei and 6-dan sensei (1 or 2 pairs)

9:10, Individual match (Indonesia kendo players only)

  • Men’s above sho-dan members, Men’s under sho-dan members
  • Ladies members (3 groups)

11:00, Match between 2 groups

  • ‘Indonesian vs Indonesian’ and ‘Japanese vs Japanese’.* The total number of match depends on the total number of participant. (about 15 pairs, etc)

11:45, Closing Ceremony (Announcement of results, Honor)

12:00, Goudou-keiko

12:40, End of Goudou-keiko, Memorial Photo

13:00, Lunch at JJS

14:00, Finish