Hong Kong Grading and Taikai

posted Mar 2, 2011, 2:23 AM by Jakarta Kendo
Participants for the grading are reminded to get as much keiko practice as possible in the next 2 weeks due to the temporary closure of the Sari Pan dojo. Please also remember that you must practice your kata and prepare your bogu properly. Ensure that all your himo are of the correct length and in good condition, check the condition of your hakama and learn to tie it to the proper fit (ask if you do not understand this part), and finally check the condition of your shinai (if you have any broken ones or ones that look like they might break, get new shinai). You are also reminded that YOU MAY NOT HAVE MORE THAN ONE (1) PIECE OF FOOTWEAR (PROTECTION, WRAP, ETC) AT ANY TIME. Also, do not forget to prepare your answers to the grading questions prior to leaving for Hong Kong. YOUR ANSWERS MUST BE HANDWRITTEN and you will submit them after grading, assuming you have passed.


Any questions you may have about grading please direct to either the sensei or the seniors.


Taikai information:

Teams and order have already been sent into HKKA. You will be informed of the order in Hong Kong.

As with the information above regarding footwear, there is no change. Shiai rules state you can ONLY wear one (1) piece on EITHER the left or right foot, NOT BOTH.

Inspect your shinai before leaving Jakarta. There are specific rules about the shinai dimensions, weight, etc. Make sure all pieces of the shinai are in good order. Make sure you bring at least 2 shinai. In particular, pay special attention to the condition and thickness of the shinai tip. This will be measured and approved/disapproved on site.