Farewell Keiko & Party for Seto sensei

posted Mar 16, 2011, 9:23 PM by Jakarta Kendo2

Dear everyone,


Please be informed that Seto-sensei is going back to Japan at the end of March. We are going to have farewell keiko on 27th (Sunday) March.


Also, we are planning to have farewell party at the same date (Probably from 5:30pm or so). Venue has not yet decided, but at the centre of Jakarta and Cost is about Rp.300.000 – 350.000.


Please kindly let me know the number of people who would like to join this from JKA by 21st March (Monday).


Best regards,

Shigeki Tsuchihara


**Yang ingin join silahkan konfirmasi kepada pengurus JKA. Terima kasih.