Event Schedule of “Grading Test” on 7 May & “Indonesia National Kendo Tournament 2011” on 8 May

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Revised Schedule.

7th May (Sat)

09:30    Special Lecture by Japanese Sensei
            (Same time: Meeting by Each Area’s Leaders)

12:30    Time appointed for assembling
            Warming Up

13:30    Grading Test
            Non bogu members (about 40 people)
            Bogu members (about 20 people)

17:30    Finish

19:00    Dinner@ May Star (Chinese restaurant) at Gadaria City Mall


8th May (Sun)

7:30    Time appointed for assembling (Staff)

8:00    Time appointed for assembling (Participants)
           Warming Up

8:30    Opening Ceremony
            1) Silent tribute for victims of earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

            2) Opening Remarks
                ① On behalf of Japanese side
                Mr. Shimomura, Chairman of Jakarta-Kenyukai

                ② On behalf of Indonesian side
                Mr. Marcel, Chairman of Indonesia Kendo Association (IKA)

            3) Singing of the national anthem. Japan: Kimigayo, Indonesia: Indonesia Raya

8:50       Demonstration of Nipppon Kendo-kata
             Uchitachi: Tony (4th Dan), Shitachi: Alwin (3rd Dan)

9:00       Demonstration match by Japanese sensei

9:10       Individual match (Indonesia kendo players only)
             Male above sho-dan members, Male under sho-dan members and Female (3 groups)

11:00     5 members team match (8 teams)

11:45     Closing Ceremony (Announcement of results, Honor)

12:00     Goudou-keiko

12:40     End of Goudou-keiko, Memorial Photo

13:00     Lunch @ JJS

14:00     Finish