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About Kendo

Modern kendo bears little resemblance to the "way of the sword" depicted in television or movies (no, there are no flying attacks). Although the foundations of kendo date back to the warrior days of ancient Japan, kendo in it's current form is meant to use the sword and bushido (or budo) to build character, discipline and respect. Deeply rooted in Japanese tradition and culture, kendo should not be confused with a "sport" but more precisely as a way of life. Kendoka (practioners of kendo) understand that kendo is a life-long experience and that only through humility can they keep their minds open to learning.

Kendo worldwide is governed by The All Japan Kendo Federation (AJKF). Having won the right to become the global governing body for kendo the French acronym, FIK (Federation Internasional de Kendo), was added. Indonesia is a member of AJKF/FIK and 2015 is the first time Indonesia     
picture left from www.kendo-fik.org                                                                has participated in the World Kendo Championships (WKC)                                                                                                                  held in May 2015.

We received many questions about kendo through our email. Most of the general information is here on this website. However, the following links should provide useful.

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